NeuroFascia Revealed

If you're a physical therapist, it's a good idea to continue learning new techniques to use for your practice such as the strain and counterstrain method.

A Concept Beyond Neuromobilization

This unique new course has been developed by world-renowned authors, clinical experts and business entrepreneurs Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos and Dr. Konstantine Rizopoulos. The course examines the neural tissue and its pathological manifestations using advanced diagnostic outcomes available to Physical Therapists and specialized techniques to handle peripheral and central neurofascial dysfunction.

This intensive hybrid Live (2-Live days) and Online course and clinical workshop is the ultimate educational experience for the clinician who wants to take their clinical practice to a totally new level. This course is being taught by course developers Dr. Kostopoulos and Dr. Rizopoulos who use live, real time advanced ultrasound neuro-imaging to demonstrate the evaluation and treatment of the neural tissue.

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Did you ever wonder how to properly diagnose a carpal tunnel syndrome and effectively treat it? Why many times manual physical therapy is ineffective in cervical spine pathology? What does it mean when you have a negative MRI with a positive EMG for radiculopathy and how you treat the condition. This 4-day intensive course and clinical workshop will answer these questions and more.

This is what our raving fans have to say:

“The teachings of Dr. Kostopoulos and Dr Rizopoulos have changed my entire outlook of clinical practice.” Dr. Harry P.

“I never imagined that a course would have this kind of impact to me and to my patients. As I apply to my patients these techniques my practice has expanded through word of mouth because of my outcomes. This course is brilliant” Mary J., PT, DPT

Course awards: 28 CEUs in most states.

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