Manual Therapy Courses

Our manual therapy certification courses are hands-on, practical, and usable right away for any clinic. Become an even better therapist today.

Hands-on, manual therapy, practical techniques that you can use right away in the clinic. These courses are great for anyone who wants to become an even better therapist. Courses specializing in topics such as: MyoFascial Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy, Strain Counterstain, Neuromobilization, Mobilization and Manipulation. All areas of the body are featured somewhere among these courses. If Manual Therapy is an interest of yours then you simply need to check out these courses!

If you are interested in taking 2 or more courses this year your best bet is to become a Hands-On Seminars Subscriber. Our Live Subscription Plans bring the cost of Live Courses lower than they have ever been before.

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